Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How Much Stress Do We Put Ourselves Under For a Date

More on getting ready for that date.
Now, the date is Sunday and today is Wednesday.

Not a huge date - but still an important one.
This might be the guys of my dreams. The one that I will marry and live happily ever after with......

I survy my body. And decide I need to lose 20 pounds before that date.
That would only be about 5 pounds a day.
Heck they do that on the biggest loser, don't they?

Now at 3500 calories per pound, I figure that is a net calorie decrease of 70000. Given that the body will use 2000 a day if there is no activity - then I only have 62000 calories to work off as long as I have no calorie intake. I walk at about 300 calories per hour so that means that I would need to walk for 206 hours. And I will lose 20 pounds in 8 1/2 days if I don't sleep. Or I can run and use 500 calories per hour for 124 hours and without sleep or eating can lose the 20 pounds in 5.16 days. I will need to adjust for sleep though and I CAN'T run for 1 hour let alone 5 days so that won't work - the date is in 4 days. (Panic now takes over.)

Breathe, I tell myself. If I wear something that doesn't show my shape as much and then I would only need to lose 10 pounds in 4 days. 35000 calories (3500 per pound time 10 pounds) to get to the perfect weight. Net without food of 27000 calories. That is only 6750 per day. Adjusting for sleep of 8 hours and 2 hours of work and all the other things that need to happen that is 14 hours so only 675 per hour. Wait - running was 500 per hour. And I had ruled that out. PANIC!!!!!!

As I am mentally working through this analysis, I decide to have some toast -eating helps me stay calm. Tomorrow I will fast but today I am starved! Okay so I will work on losing 1 pound per day and I will eat normally so that means that I need to use 5500 calories in 14 hours - (the 2000 I am eating plus the 3500).
That is 392 per hour - walking and running. Perfect.

I start on day 1 on this plan. And I walk for 1 hour and run for 10 minutes and my legs are sore. Should I run more? Is he worth it is going through my head.
I will tell the rest of the story, but I would like to hear your STRESS for the DATE stories.


Unknown said...

Stress usually doesn't occur until the actual date... when the kids decide the food is taking too long, that the crayons need to be broken in half (then magically put back together), that the expensive main dish is more fun when it's being thrown.

Dating is easy. Dating with little children in tow is impossible.