Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Beginning of the Rest of the Story!

I opened this site – Why Dating Sucks – because for those looking for Mr or Ms Right, we are kissing a lot of toads in the process of trying to find true love.

Face it – Dating Sucks!

Actually, some days I really like dating – its fun to think about the possibilities and meet new people. Until you actually meet the new people. Then you want to hide under your bed or become a nun or a priest rather than go through this weird dating world.

Here is the first of my most recent experiences to which I am sure most of you can relate:

I am a woman on my first date with a cute guy for drinks.-
His cell phone rang. He looked at me nervously and says – “must be work” – I need to get that. He excuses himself.
I decide to wander to the ladies room to freshen my make-up. And I, of course, listen into his conversation at a close distance.
I hear him making a date for the next night with someone else – someone that he is obviously sleeping with. Now I am angry, but thinking – now what??.
So I say to him, “How was the call about work? Something urgent?”
He says “No” he is cool as a cucumber. ”Maybe we should go somewhere we can get to know each other better,” he adds.
And I say – “sorry, too early for threesomes” as I leave.
Damn! Dating sucks!

Don’t worry. I’ve got LOTS more to tell you about. So how about some comments to let me know if your dating life is SUCKING as badly as mine.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you've been going out with all the wrong guys!! Maybe a little anti-male attitude going?